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After The Lights

by The Saddest Landscape

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released February 14, 2012


all rights reserved


Track Name: In Love With the Sound
I’ve lead with the wrong foot again
Crossing lines no one asked you to defend
You stare me down
Chanting conform or leave
Conform or leave
We’ve got our old pride and we’ve got our honest sleep
We’ve got nights where the room came alive
And reaffirmed our faith that this can change lives
We are the pulse that beats
And we are the breath that flows
And we will scream along until our heart stops
I no longer believe that we are all in this together
So you can keep your basements
If it means we have to be better than our friends
When did we start settling
When did we say good enough
If only we listened to all the words we sang
Then I wouldn’t have to remind you
Filled with fucking clichés
That I would rather play from the heart
Track Name: This Heals Nothing
I am no longer fine
The discomfort has spread to my blood
My lungs are working overtime and I feel dead and buried
I am walking around a ghost haunting my former self
So while we do our best not to stare
Would you tell me what we are celebrating
We idolize death until we are faced with it
And we struggle to realize that if we just let our guard down
We would realize that life is worth living
I want an army to fight for me
I want to admit that it is ok to be strong
All of my enemies will feel my rage
All of my enemies will see what’s in store
I will level cities
I will torch this whole damn room
I am taking this all to heart
And after all of this, if I’m still not satisfied
If I still feel I could do more
I am taking this whole thing down because after all the songs
And after all the years deep down I know that this heals nothing
This heals nothing
Track Name: The Urge For Permanence
Cherry blossoms line the streets
Calling on all those that love us
I’ll show you what it means to feel haunted
What it means to never be truly alone
So don’t crack that smile
Don’t blink those eyes because I lose it every time
(I have waited my whole life for this)
This is it: A call to open arms filled with hidden smiles and promises kept
We have never seen anything like this
The beauty is truly breathtaking
And I will bear witness that what we do is sacred
I’m tired of watching the good ones give up
I am tired of talking about the one that got away
Let us never say goodbye
Track Name: When Everything Seemed To Matter
These are my last confessions sealed with longing and regret
We hold our breath things have to work out sometime
We were the hopeless romantics who truly believed in happy endings
We medicated our desperation hearts like ours could take on anything
Can you hear me?
I should have done better by you
I should have been there more
Just know that it was you I was thinking of when it all came crashing in
Remember me as someone who was there for you
Remember me for all of the good that was between us
And you are still the girl
Who loves the sound of clinking pates
Stealing flowers from our neighbor’s yard
Warm sand
Tree lined picnics
I should have don’t more
I should have learned your favorite songs
Sang you to sleep
And woke you with the promise that each day would be better than the last
Track Name: The Comfort of Small Defeats
I watch from a distance
You move unlike anything I have ever seen
I’d like to fall asleep calmly next to you
Safe in your care to guide me home
But most nights I am filled with superstition and fear
Kiss your hair and knock on wood
It never feels like enough
No matter how far we go
It never feels like enough
I know you are not right but you are perfect for me
Everything is fine
Everything is falling apart
I cut myself at thoughts of losing you
Shake myself awake at dreams of dying alone
I worry about the slightest discomfort
I worry about anything that could take me from you
But we are the dreamers
The ones who despite the odds shot for the stars
And I will hold on to everything we have built
Because you are the reason that I know I will make it through the night
Track Name: Days of Punched In
You said you were tired of this life
With days of punched in and nights not over until dawn
You are ready to burn all bridges and start again
This is our call
Our call to do better
And we are sick
Sick of being less than
Tell me all of your fears
I’ll show you that you are not alone
One arm around you and one hand on the wheel
We are going to work with what we got
There are no goodbyes if we go together
Let’s be daring we have to believe in something
So why not this?
Why not us?
The future is ours
Track Name: Desperate Vespers
When you come home from the hospital
Let me be the first to welcome you
Arms outstretched holding my sincerest apologies
I will be ready to tell you all of the things
I was too scared to say before
How your smile wears me out
How I am better off having known you
I will never take you for granted
Come back, come back to us
Please get better
I want you to smother me
Close enough to feel your weight crashing into me
Feel the air getting warmer
Come back to us
I want to return to when our smiles would fill the whole room
Come back to nights of you and i
Walking these streets long after the lights go out

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